Vacating Notice

How do I give notice to vacate the current rental place I’m living at?
Notice MUST be given in writing; our office’s policy is that you fill in and submit our Vacating Form which you can find below. Email the saved form to:
Note: Call our office to ensure we have received the form.

How much notice do I need to give to vacate the property I am renting? 

Ending a Fixed Term Agreement: 
If the tenant has a fixed term agreement that is about to end, they can by give notice via the form below but the tenant must give a minimum of 14 days notice up the expiry date.

Ending a Periodic Agreement (Month to Month/Lease Expired):
If the lease agreement has expired the tenant is to give a minimum of 21 days notice via the below form. They must can give notice at any time once the agreement is expired and can give more than 21 days notice. Tenant’s cannot extend their vacate notice once provided; if they must, then they will withdraw the original notice and be required to give a whole new 21 days notice via the form below.  

Click Below to Download Our Vacate Notice Form:

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